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2pm - 3pm




  • Finalize Emergency Hours Changes document
  • Firm up processes for carrel keys, lost & found, PA messages

Discussion items

5 min.Emergency Hours Changes documentKabel
  • Reviewed draft document and made adjustments
10 min.Giving out Carrel KeysJeff
  • past practice: keys get placed in bin and students come into get them
  • how do we want to handle the key handoff during COVID?
  • key gets checked out in Alma ahead of time; user receives email with instructions
  • fit within laptop process
    • User signs up for key
    • gets email with terms and conditions
    • user accepts terms
    • key checked out with libcal link for pickup
15 min.Lost and FoundJeff
  • question came up: what do we do with ID cards
    • email user and let know we have card and provide one week for pickup
    • label card: "emailed and date"
    • place card in lost and found drawer
    • weekly task: staff member clears out ID cards sitting for longer than one week; send to UPD.
  • Glasses/clothing: find donation center (
15 min.Flexible PA messagingCarlos
  • Wrapping up feedback on messaging
  • Need metrics for escalating messaging
  • Kabel and Carlos will keep an eye on the numbers and determine when necessary to ratchet up language.
5 min.Wrap upKabel
  • Meeting Recap
  • Review Action Items
  • Next Meeting: 3/9/21

Action items