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Different issues can restrict patrons from library services and borrowing library materials. Such issues can include blocks, holds, and restrictions, the most common of which are:


  • expired patron accounts (often community borrowers)
  • exceeding loan limits of books
  • invalid addresses


  • If an item is a reference or periodical 
  • If an item has a time limit, such as a reserve or a laptop
  • If an item is on hold for another patron

Depending on the circumstance, issues can be temporarily overridden. Always ask a supervisor about how to handle an issue if you are unsure.

For Example: with written permission from a Reference Librarian, reference books can be checked out.

How to Resolve Common Issues

The most common barriers to barrowing are only removed when the condition that caused the issue is resolved. Below we will discuss what the common warnings mean, and options to resolve the conflict.

Card Expiration

Typically happens when a student has graduated, or a community borrower's card needs renewal. Check to see what type of user the patron is and update their patron information accordingly. 

Loan Limit Exceeded

The patron has reached the library materials loan limit. Advise the patron that they must return some of their borrowed materials before they can check out any more. Refer to FAQ for Loan Policies

Invalid Address

The address we have on record for a patron is no longer valid. Click 'Edit User Info' and verify the patron's address(es).  Click 'Update User'.

Non-Circulating Item

Check to see if the item is a reference book or a periodical. 

  • If the item is a reference book, advise patron to get permission slip from a reference librarian to temporarily check it out
  • If the item is a periodical, advice the patron to submit an 'article request' to the library or scan the article themselves or photocopy the article

Occasionally, non-reference and non-periodicals will also have non-circulating statuses. Always check with a supervisor if you think an item has been mislabeled.

Item Cannot be Renewed

Most often seen in non-book items with 3-to-4 hour loan periods such as laptop loans, phone chargers, and group study rooms. In most cases, patrons can return after a set amount of time to borrow the equipment again.

In some cases, items can be renewed for patrons, provided there is no waiting list for any of the equipment. 

Item on Hold

This means an item has been requested by and is currently on hold for another patron and therefore cannot be checked out to anyone else.

  • Search the collection for another copy or edition of the requested item and/or
  • Advise the patron to request the item through Interlibrary Loan
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