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  • Security update available for RealPlayer 8-18-11
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Alert Number: 81811-01
Alert Date: 8/18/11
Alert Title: Security update available for RealPlayer
Update-to: None.


Real Networks' RealPlayer and RealPlayer Enterprise
(on Windows and Mac systems)

Category: ALERT
Severity: HIGH
Attention: RealPlayer users, System Administrators, Desktop Support Personnel.

Summary: Real Networks has released an updated version of its popular RealPlayer media player application.  These updates are available for the standard Windows and Mac versions of the product as well as the Enterprise version. The updates fix multiple critical vulnerabilities that could (if successfully exploited) result in complete takeover of a vulnerable computer.  The most likely mechanism of exploit for these vulnerabilities is the viewing of a maliciously-crafted website or handling of a maliciously-crafted media file.

Recommended Actions: RealPlayer users as well as System Administrators are encouraged to read the security bulletins and install any necessary security updates as soon as possible.

NOTE: Realplayer is a popular application and is installed on many systems.  On Windows systems it is typically found by selecting start > All Programs and then looking for a program group called "Real".  RealPlayer can check for and install updates by first opening the application and then clicking the RealPlayer icon in the upper left corner of the program window.  Clicking this icon will generate a dropdown box that should include "Check for Update".

Readers are encouraged to share this alert with family, friends, and associates.

ITS Actions: N/A


RealPlayer Security Advisory: