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  • Security Updates available for Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey 3-11-13
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Alert Number: 31113-01
Alert Date: 3/11/13
Alert Title: Security Updates available for Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey

Update-to: None.

Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox ESR
Mozilla Thunderbird
Mozilla SeaMonkey

Category: ALERT
Severity: HIGH

Attention: Mozilla products users, System Administrators, Desktop Support Personnel.

Summary: The Mozilla Foundation has released an update for three of its most popular products.  Firefox 19.0.2/Firefox ESR 17.0.4, Thunderbird 17.0.4, and SeaMonkey 2.16.1 fix a critical security vulnerability that could (if successfully exploited) result in complete takeover of a vulnerable computer.

Recommended Actions: Mozilla products users as well as System Administrators are encouraged to read the security bulletin(s) and install any necessary security update(s) as soon as possible.

NOTE:  Users currently running Firefox 15 or newer may not need to do anything to install these updates.  

Firefox began incorporating a "silent update" feature in version 15 that should automatically install and apply updates without user intervention.  Users who are unsure of their software version and/or who wish to check for and install the updates manually can do so by selecting Help > About FireFox from their Firefox toolbar.

Readers are encouraged to share this alert with family, friends, and associates.

ITS Actions: N/A


Firefox security content page:

Thunderbird security content page:

SeaMonkey security content page: