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I have been playing minecraft throughout the week and I have learned about 3 of its features that I wanted to share with you all. Like in the video, I was able to do the treehouse lesson, code builder, and  a 4th grade problem solving lesson.

Out of all the ones I did, the treehouse making was the most fun because it gave me the opportunity to build and do what I want with an infinite amount of resources that the game had to offer.

The code builder was my 2nd favorite because it was teaching me how to code in the game and they were giving me a step-by-step assistance with it all. They even have a variety of things that we can learn to code which would be great for kids to learn.

Lastly, I was testing out a 4th grade problem solving lesson where they would have to build their answers and take a picture using the in-game camera. Building is a lot of fun and I feel like it would motivate kids to want to solve the math problem also.