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Here are all of the articles and other publications featuring the Makerspace, Drone Lab, and other related organizations. If there is an error or article that you think should be here, please tell us about it at our email:


Creative 'Makerspace' Now Open to All on Downtown Campus (UAlbany NewsCenter, Media Relations Office) - April 30, 2019

Drone Lab

UAlbany Launches Drone Lab [1:43] - March 12, 2019

UAlbany converts old gym into drone lab (Daily Gazette, Zachary Matson) - March 3, 2019

UAlbany Launches New Drone Flight Research Center [4:56] (Dave Lucas) - March 4, 2019

PHOTOS: Vacant for decades, this UAlbany basement is now buzzing with drones (Albany Business Review, Mike Desocio) - March 4, 2019

Drones take flight in a basement gymnasium in Albany (Times Union, Brian Nearing) - February 27, 2019

CEHC Launches Drone Lab in Page Hall Basement (UAlbany NewsCenter, Media Relations Office) - March 12, 2019

UAlbany E-Sports

Albany's HV Gamer Con Attracts Players from 20 Colleges (Spectrum News, Erica Leigh) - March 30, 2019

HV Gamer Con proves the growing popularity in gaming (WNYT, Dan Levy) - March 31, 2019

UAlbany Launches eSports Team [1:34] (UAlbany) - December 3, 2019

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