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This guide is for learning how to play BeamNG.Drive on multiplayer servers using the mod "BeamMP".

Required Software:

These will be needed to proceed with the guide:

  1. BeamNG.Drive Game. ( , $24.99)
  2. BeamMP Multiplayer Client Mod. ( , Install from website)
  3. Discord ( , Discord client verifies the user for BeamMP)


1. Have BeamNG.Drive installed on pc (, the mod will not work on it's own and requires the game to run.

2. Install Discord ( and join the BeamMP Discord server ( . Verify yourself by typing "!verify" in the verification text channel, This step is necessary to run the BeamMP client because the Discord server verifies that you are not a bot. 

3. Download the BeamMP Installer from by clicking "Download Client". The file will be a .zip file that needs to be extracted. Permission will be requested by you PC to allow the file to be installed.

4. Start the Installation and select the "Typical" Installation Type. 


 5. Once the installation is finished, start up the BeamMP-Launcher. It will immediately connect with Discord to check if you are verified. After the client finishes verification, it will check if BeamNG.Drive is up to date, update Beam MP, and then install the mod.

Restart the BeamMP-Launcher after the mod installation is complete.  

6. After restarting the BeamMP-Launcher, the game should start up automatically. Click "Play MP" to join a multiplayer server and enjoy playing with friends!


Visit BeamNG's Dev Blog website for more information about the game. (

That is all for the guide, special thanks to Matt Tyler and Andy Xu for helping put this together!