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The developer webpage is

Disclaimer: I just wanted to let everyone know that I am using a mac and I downloaded this game from steam and it's about $20.

Table of Contents

House Flipper Official Game Trailer


  • Based on the image, the basic movement controls are W,A,S,D.
  • E is used to open doors, windows, turn on lights, and etc.
  • F is used to turn on your flashlight if the lights in the room is not working.
  • The return key is usually used when the job is finished or to sell a house once it is ready.
  • The tab key is used to open the tablet.


1) The tablet gives the player access to the store where they will be doing any purchases of items.

 2) It also shows the player a list of buyers looking for homes that they can sell too.

3) There is also the perks tab that allows the player to claim perks based on their progress. These perks will help get the job done much quicker and it can help the player save some money also.

4) Finally there is a camera tab where the player can take pictures of their work.

Main Settings

1) In the main menu, there is a short list of options.

    • The player can choose to continue their game, start a new one, browse downloadable content, access the settings, access the changelog, and exit the game.

2) In the settings tab, there is a variety of things the player can update to make their experience better.

3) There is even an option to play with an Xbox controller in the controller tab.


1) In the beginning of the game, all users start in their very own house. The house is a little beat up, but it can be fixed up once the player earns the money and skills to do so.

How to accept a job

1) In order to view the jobs the player has available, they must go into their house and use the laptop. 

2) The mail tab should show a list of customers that would like work done on their house. The player would simply click one of the emails, read what they have to say, then accept it and it takes them straight to their home.

3) The browser tab shows the user what houses are available for purchase that can be bought, remodeled, and then resold to a buyer looking for a home.

Task Bar

1) The task bar shows the progress of the house that you are working on. 

    • The task bar (right side) also shows what needs to get done in the specific room you are in.
    • The map in the top right shows where you are in the house and if there is dirt or trash nearby.
    • The progress bar (gray area) shows the progress and how much money the player has overall and how much the job would pay them with the amount of work they completed already.
    • In some cases, the player would not need to finish the entire job, if the player unlocked a certain perk. The player will still get paid for the work they've accomplish up until the white line on the progress bar.


1) The tools can be accessed by right clicking and holding.

2) Based on the job given, all the relevant tools should be accessible.

  • The hand is used to move objects, rotate them, or throw garbage out.
  • The mop cleans dirt .
  • The paintbrush is for painting.
  • The sell objects tool is used to sell furniture.
  • The brick wall is for making full walls or lintels.
  • The hammer is for demolition.
  • Tiling is to plaster the walls.
  • Vacuum is to suck up any bugs.

How to enhance skills

1) Skills are enhanced through perks.

2) If the player cleans, paints, builds, demolishes, or sells a certain amount of times, they will be rewarded with a skill point.

  • Skill points are used to claim perks.

  • The player gets to pick how they want to use their skill points.
  • Be mindful that there is no reset on a perk so once, the player picks it, they have it forever.

How to purchase items for a house

1) Items can be purchased through the tablet.

2) Once the player enters a room and there needs to be furniture bought for that specific room, the task bar will let them know.

3) All that needs to be done is when a player walks into a room and presses the tab button to view what is needed for the room. 

  • From the screen shown above, the player can click the item of furniture and the tablet will take them to where in the catalogue it can be purchased.
  • The player can also choose to click "buy many" if they are purchasing more than one (based on the number in the green box on the item of furniture) or just buy if they are purchasing a singular item.

How to improve the players' house

1) Just like when doing a job for someone else, the player can purchase furniture from the tablet.

2) The player can improve their home at their own pace.

  • Just be sure to mount the plumbing correctly.

Steam link to purchase game