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Step-by-step guide

  1. Gather materials
    1. 10 ft of paracord
    2. Cutting tool
  2. Fold your length of paracord in half
  3. Wrap the folded point around your wrist once, then hold the point where the fold touches the cord.
  4. Fold the held point, then separate the fold so that there is an excess of cord on both sides of the loop.
  5. Fold the left cord over the held point, so that you're gripping the cord as well as the fold and make a loop.
  6. Fold the right cord over the left cord, send it through the left loop. Gently pull the right cord to close the left loop.
  7. Repeat 5&6, replacing all instances "right" with "left" and vice versa once. Then repeat once again without replacing the words. Alternate between the two for each instance.
  8. When the middle loop is depleted, open the two loops on the other end of the paracord and put the excess cord through its respective loop.
  9. Put the paracord on your wrist to determine where to put the closing knot and hold the paracord at that point.
  10. Put the excess cord to either side of the bracelet. Loop the right cord over the point noted in step 9, then loop the left cord under that point.
  11. Thread the right end into the left loop, then the left end into the right loop. Put both ends to tighten the knot at the noted point.