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Useful for splitting microphone audio, game audio, music, and even the audio of programs such as discord into separate audio tracks so you can edit them in video editors.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Head to and click download on the vbcable driver pack. (Make sure to select the one specific to your platform: Windows or Mac)

  2. While on this page you can also click the tab to switch to VoiceMeter Banana which will be needed to capture the audio of the virtual cables and transmit them to your default sound device. 


    1. Scroll down a little until you see a clickable download button for Voicemeter Banana. You can see what the button looks like down below. 

    2. Click this button and download the program to your computer

    3. Now it's time to unzip the folder containing the virtual audio cables. Either WinRAR or 7zip can be used to extract the files. After extracting the files, open the folder and locate VB_CABLE_SETUP X 64. Right-click this program and run as administrator.

    4. You want to locate the Voicemeter Banana setup file and run it as administrator as well.
  3.  Now that both these programs are installed, it's time to restart your PC. You'll then want to locate your sound control panel to see what we just installed.

  4. Now we want to open Voicemeter Banana and make sure our audio cable is being used and all our audio is being transmitted to our headphones/speakers.

    1. Here you can see an output device being selected by first clicking A1 and then by selecting my device (I would select the WDM version of your output device). This allows all audio captured by the virtual cables to not play through your headphones or speakers

    2. By clicking on the input device by music, I can select the newly downloaded virtual audio cable which I've named music.

  5. It's now time to assign the audio cable to a program. This can be done by opening sound settings and clicking app volume and device preferences.

    1. I'll then change the output device of Spotify to the virtual audio cable we just installed.
  6. I can now add this new audio cable to OBS as well so I can separate my music audio from my game and microphone audios.