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Safety Steps
  1. You should always be watching your projects while they are being cut. Do not leave the room while the Glowforge is operating.

  2. If there is an emergency or malfunction, unplug the Glowforge from the hanging outlet.

  3. In the rare case that a small fire is started, the fire extinguisher is located right next to the door.

  4. If for any reason there is a problem with your project, hit the button on the Glowforge to Pause the process and then ,if needed, cancel the print from your browser.

  5. Use only Proof Grade materials from the Glowforge store, found here:

  6. Do not open the lid for ANY reason when the unit is operating.

  7. If at any moment during use you are unsure, ask for help from one of the student assistants.

  8. Some materials may still be hot after cutting, allow 1-2 minutes for cooling

Official Glowforge Safety:

Required Materials

To use the Glowforge you will need the following things:

-A Glowforge account linked to our machine

-A computer connected to the University Network

-Proofgrade materials from

-Any modern web browser

-Your vector design to cut / engrave

Design Tips and Precautions

The Glowforge can engrave any normal JPG or PNG image from the internet, but it will not cut them. In order to cut you need to have a Vector File. Vector files differ in many ways from normal image files, primarily they can be endlessly scaled without any pixelation. Vector formats are PDF, SVG, AI, EPS, & DXF. You should use SVG files for cutting and scoring on the Glowforge

If you want to make a normal image into a vector file, then I recommend using a free and open source program Inkscape. Within Inkscape you can import an image you would like to print and give it a border so it will be cut out from the rest of the material. Or you can trace an image to create a silhouette that can be cut out. Once Inkscape is downloaded and Installed, I recommend also importing this template specially made for Glowforge. It will give you all the proper guidelines and limits for a sheet of proof grade draft board, streamlining the design process.




Glowforge Tutorials

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