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UAlbany Business Analytics
This wiki is intended to provide screen shots of UAlbany Business Analytics
About UAlbany Business Analytics

UAlbany Business Analytics (UBA) is a Business Intelligence (BI) environment that uses the latest Oracle BI technologies. The UBA provide insights to key decision makers that can drive business practice changes with accurate and reliable data used with confidence, especially in our current fiscally demanding environment.

The primary benefit of this innovative service is the empowerment of Department Chairs, Deans, and Administrators to generate sophisticated representations of metrics (dashboards, bar graphs) with minimal technical expertise. Data is integrated from disparate, separately owned data sources into a single format/display to easily generate historical comparisons and trend data to use in operational and strategic decision making. UBA has reduced the need for ad hoc reports, shadow systems and query-based analysis and will eventually replace the existing data warehouse.

Simplifying the complexity of Campus data and establishing consensus on data definitions and data sources, has improved the quality of University data overall. Data anomalies are captured during nightly processing, and, if appropriate, data quality is always fixed at the source system.

UAlbany is the first SUNY campus to implement a complete Cost per Academic Program analytics, an invaluable metric for management.

Table of Contents

UAlbany Business Analytics

UAlbany Business Analytics Screen Shots

Login and Landing Page

The screen shots provided here illustrate the capabilities of UAlbany Business Analytics. Each of the screen shots below begin with the Comprehensive Campus Analysis. The user then can easily drill down and add columns to obtain the analytics he/she is interested in. Once a user creates an analytic in this way, say one that looks only at his/her program, the analytic can be saved for the user, and refreshed with the current data whenever the saved dashboard is reopened.

Costs and Expenditures

These analytics demonstrate insight into costs and expenditures across the entire campus with drill down capability to the individual instructor for cost per credit. UAlbany is the first SUNY campus to integrate costs and hours of instruction in order to provide Managers, Deans, and Charis with this most meaningful information. 


These images illustrate enrollment analytics over time and for a specific term.


These analytics look at the workforce for trends and actionable items:

The following dashboard illustrates an age demographic column added to the main dashboard, and can be used for succession planning and/or recruitment. Other demographic columns are also available.

The following analytic differs from Head Count in that complex logic in the transformation process computes the Full Time Equivalent that each instructor actually teaches (what department pays him/her, what department is he/she teaching in, number of courses, etc). 

The drill down to the individual instructor provides insight into faculty who may also be doing research, publications, etc.



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